Superhero Party Time!

Ready for some action! Our superheroes will be a hit! Book one of our superheroes for your next event. We serve Lane County and surrounding areas.

Making Magic

Get ready! Our superheroes will make a big impression. Have your camera's out! We design each party for your needs - whether it's saving the day at a birthday party or it's shaking up your corporate event. Experience is based on the performer's and customer's discretion. We make sure you get the perfect experience!

Activities Offered:

Memorable and Lasting Photos - During Superhero Training children will learn how to pose like their favorite Superhero!

Party Games - The Superhero will host friendly, and fun Games.

Superhero Training - Learn how your favorite Superhero fights for justice in a fun demonstration. Each child will how to pose like a superhero and learn how to fight off villains!

Sing-a-long - The Superhero will sing "Happy Birthday" making their birthday unique and special!

Face Paint - Fun, small designs, hand painted by the superhero!



Spider does not disappoint! When he's not gliding through the city with his webs, he loves attending parties! He knows how to make any day web-tastic!

BAT Hero

Bat hero is ready to jump into his bat mobile and head over to your event! He's waiting around for his bat signal, so book him today and meet one of your favorite superheroes!

Panther Hero

This is one cat you'll want to bring into the house! Panther is a fan favorite and makes the perfect superhero for your next event!

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